Thursday, May 19, 2011

American Idol's Scotty McCreery Sings “Amazed” on the Final 3 Showdown

American Idol Season 10's Scotty 'The Hottie' McCreery sang “Amazed” by Lonestar as his 'Personal Choice' song on the Final 3 Showdown. Tonight the Idols will sing three songs each, and the guest celebrity mentor is Beyonce (who, surprise, surprise, has a new album coming out ~ like everyone else on the show!). "He really does have such a charm, and it's so innocent. And he's such a cutie pie," says Beyonce of Scotty. Beyonce questions whether Scotty is comfortable and confident going into his high range, since he normally sticks to the lower register. Looks like Scotty's been hiding a few tricks up his sleeve to pull out at the end when he really needs to shine!

Scotty does it again ~ drawing the entire audience to him just by standing still. He's such an extremely skilled and accomplished professional on stage, I am still shocked by his age, week after week. Scotty did what he does best ~ tell a story. He has such a full and warm voice, it was lovely to hear him expand his range and hit some high notes. The judges and audience give Scotty an extended ovation and really seemed to have enjoyed his performance. Steven Tyler praised, "I think you just keep getting better and better with your melody. Did I hear you get angry there during that modulation when you went upstairs and kicked that song into the middle of next week? (Like always, Scotty looks bewildered by Steven's strange questions and comments.) That's really beautiful. You really did take that song up a notch." Jlo said, “It's great to see you over the weeks, and how much you've grown. You’ve grown so much as a performer. It's just great. A great way to start the show. I'm sure there's a million girls out there wishing you were singing that song to them.” Randy Jackson added, "It was a great song choice for you. I recorded it, and produced a version with Boyz II Men. It's an amazing song, and that's the thing I love you do. You're picking smart things, knowing who you are and where your lane is. There were a couple of pitchy spots, but the end of the song, wow you put a period on the end, like "Oh my God". You looked into the camera. That’s money. Scotty’s got money!" Scotty says he put a little “Casey growl” into the songs’ modulation, rather than getting angry like Steven suggested.

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